First and foremost, a very Happy New Year 2014 to all.

I started out my New Year travelling to Hong Kong with the hubs. Not a great start as I left with a really bad cough and at one point almost wondered if I could make it through the border :). We also made it to Macau. Contrary to popular belief Macau is not all about casinos and gambling. The old town is rich in colonial history, cobbled pavements and unexplored alleys. I certainly enjoyed myself.

But that is not the point of this post, lest you were wondering. I have seen myself living out of a suitcase for the most part of 2013 and the frequency has increased since the new year started. Learning to live out of a suitcase without compromising on your daily routine is a bit of a challenge. People tend to either overpack or forget things. Here are a few tips:

1. Always keep compact powder, eyeliner, mascara and a lipgloss in your handbag.

2. For business travel, do not match multiple bags and shoes to your outfit. Instead, pack a pair of shoes and a handbag that would see you through all your outfits. This means you will need to coordinate your outfits carefully. A coordinated colour scheme works well in this case.

Some of my colour combinations include:

Teal, grey, navy

Red, black, beige

3. Suits vs. Shift dresses: There is an ongoing debate about which is easier on the suitcase. Personally I find shift dresses easier to pack and you can team these up with either cardigans or blazers. A corporate look no less. It really depends on what you want to achieve out of the business meeting.

4. Accessories: Down to personal preference: Scarves are very versatile and can brighten up an otherwise rather sombre outfit. Pearls and brooches will also add an air of elegance, turning a day outfit into something appropriate for the evening.

5. Toiletries: I almost live entirely out of a ziplock bag now because of hand carry liquid restrictions, but this doesn’t mean you have to do the same. I usually try not to check in my luggage and hence the zip lock bag.

6. Facial mask sheets for long haul flights: These are life savers. Slap a sheet on your face before you land and make up glides on pretty easily after that.

7. And finally: if you miss something out (I left my entire makeup bag at home before travelling long haul), there is always the duty free at the airport. I have been guilty of traipsing down the aisles on the pretext of trying out various samples when what I really needed was to slap my make up on before my next meeting 😛

So hope this helps if you travel as much as I do these days 🙂


I have been extremely quiet on this blog yes. Elsewhere in my life, a couple of months back I allowed, rather foolishly for work to take over most of my life. However as this year draws to a close, and the crisp autumn air reminds me that 2013 is about to wave goodbye to me.

I have been doing a lot of reading. Raptitude, a blog by David Cain is currently on my favourite lists. I think I have read enough books to realise that self help and self realisation is my genre. I have consistently sought to understand myself at different stages of my life and career. I like how the authors of self help books always seem to be speaking to me and touching the raw edge of my soul.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I have become completely zen like. I still am, as my friends will bear testament to this fact a very humorous person. I think what has changed is that I have, somewhat consciously pushed myself to be a stronger person as the days go by.

They say people around you rub off you- and I cannot agree more with this statement. However it also very much depends on how much you allow them to rub off you and what qualities they have which you absorb through your daily dealings with them.

I constantly try and revisit my core, what it is I believe in and what my key strengths and weaknesses are.

And this is a continuous process. Just as you will take baths everyday, you have to motivate yourself every single day as well. Reading and convincing myself that there are always two sides to an issue which presents itself is vital.

Balancing really is a lifelong art. Hope I get better at it with time, like good wine.

People say the first year is the hardest. I think so as well. My first year in Beijing, in China, has been nothing short of a challenge and adventure. A part of me has evolved beyond recognition. A part of me will never change. And I hope that this adventure continues. 

Wherever you may be in any part of the world, I hope that you are living for the moment and also shaping your future. 


Been occupied with reading. Good old fashioned hard copy books- as you do not need to take them out of your hand luggage and put them on a tray, or power it off when the plane is taking off and landing.

Here’s my reading list:

1. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

2. 360 degree Leader by John C. Maxwell

3. Quiet by Susan Cain

4. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

5. 8789 Words of Wisdom by Barbara Ann Kipfer

6. Coco Chanel -Chinese translation

7. Beida Guan Li Ke (Management Lessons from Peking University)

8. Huaiwei Hai Neng Zou Duo Yuan- Ren Zheng Fei Wei Yi Qin Bi Ti Ci de Hua Wei Zhuan (How far can Huawei Go)

It’s been great. So until I finish these books and officially suffer from literary indigestion, this blog will continue to be deserted. Feel free to browse through my archives though 🙂

2013 started off as an extremely busy year for me. Sometimes, it is important to pause and reflect your original goals and why you came to where you were in the first place. In this journey our ours we call life, there will be deviation, disappointments, unexpected surprises and also scary moments. If the journey of life is depicted on a horse carriage drawn along a bumpy dirt road in the countryside, then the deviations could be described as as boulders or stones on the path. We can choose to crash into them or avoid them, lift them up and out of the way or pull the horse carriage to a halt and stare at the boulder hoping it would disappear.

Things become overly complicated when we worry, and hence whenever we are faced with a problem, always remind yourself to stay calm, not clam up. ^^

Yesterday I celebrated my first birthday in Beijing. I had, for the longest time wanted to experience what it was to purchase gold jewellery from a goldsmith in Beijing. I encounter eye-opening scenarios which probably do not make any average Beijing-er look twice, particularly if they have  been here for over year. 

Cai Bai, the Tiffany’s of Beijing gold jewellers, was heaving with eager purchasers with nothing else but money and a keen eye for gold jewellery. Elbowing your way through the throng of shoppers is no mean feat and for the first time in my life I witnessed the chaotic frenzy of Chinese shoppers trying to pay for their expensive purchases as if the store was about to close down. Except it wasn’t.

The gargantuan consumption power of the Chinese, even within their own territory is a sight to behold. Compare and contrast this to Malaysia where more often than not, sales assistants are soliciting for customers.

I also met up with a few friends for dinner and also birthday cake, but the eye-opening grandeur at Cai Bai truly was the icing on the cake. To reward myself for my efforts I bought a ring. 

I look forward to a year of challenges, excitement, health and happiness. 🙂

I started writing my blog in 2004, after getting inspired by fellow bloggers in the community. 8 years on, moving from my early twenties to now my early thirties, The 24 year old me would have never in her wildest dreams believed that she could achieve what she has now. 

I am a much more secure, confident and balanced individual compared to how I was when I first started working. I have become more articulate, better at listening to people and at the workplace, delivering practical solutions. I have been stretched beyond my limits and scaled new heights in the name of searching for a fresh challenge.

I have also lived and worked in three countries over the 8 years. 3.5 years were spend in the UK, two months in the US and 6 months ago I was relocated to Beijing, China. Three very different countries and all equally exciting in their own way.

The husband and I now divide our time between UK, SG and China for work purposes. 8 years ago, if you asked me whether I would have envisioned a life like this, the answer would be ” I’m not sure.” However, it has happened now for the both of us. We want to remain excited, youthful, curious. Banish the negativity, banish the glass ceilings we self impose upon ourselves, the evil side of humanity that wants to stay in a comfort zone.

Being spontaneous and flexible has also become the order of the day, most days. I strongly believe that we do not own anything in this world. Even our lives are leased. We have the right to use it whilst we are still alive. Therefore, don’t be overly petty. Be kind when we can. Smile and make a difference. Shine even when the prospects look bleak. Because, only by adopting optimism and having hope, can we continue to go further.

I am in a good place. My family supports me and my life goals as I do theirs. I am passionate about my interests and continue to maintain a light hearted spirit. I am who I am, but getting better as the day goes by.

We can never change the world or people around us but as long as we can change and improve ourselves, we will see the world in a much different light.

Lest I forgot the point of writing this post today- Happy Winter Solstice. 🙂

20-12-2012, 20122012

Figured this was worth posting. We are truly fortunate to live in an era where the numbers align and match… 

I want to be beautiful but not hot. I want to be humble but not lack self confidence. I want to be happy but not in denial. I want to be a balanced individual, and I hope to stay this way no matter what life throws at me.

Of relationships

For the majority of the time that my other half and I have been together, we were physically apart. Many friends indeed question how we managed to keep things going for so long.

I never really gave it much thought, but I do feel that it boils down to several factors.

1. Selfless love

If you love a person selflessly, then you can make it work regardless of the circumstances. A good example is the relationship we have with our parents. That to me would be the pinnacle of selfless love, where they will support you no matter what you want to do and where you may be. This is the level of love both parties need to have for each other, in order for the distance to make it work.

2. Make time for each other and communicate

We are lucky to live in an era where communication tools are efficient, convenient and fast. Make time for each other no matter how busy you are. A quick call before you sleep, or if you are living in different time zones (we were for 5 years), a mutually friendly time to call each other. 

Arrange holidays together periodically and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Remember, you are partners who complement each other, not possessive beings who want to control each other

Sounds quite unbelievable given that the popular notion is if you are together you stay together and do everything together (right?). Well as a staunch believer of the concept that our lives are leased and we all have to go someday, no one really belongs to anybody. We don’t even technically belong to our parents, they raise us and we retain the prerogative to pursue our life goals etc. I am lucky enough to have a soulmate who sees eye to eye with me on this. When we are together, we make the most out of it. When we are apart, we make the most out of what we are doing so that the next time we meet, we can share experiences with each other.

4. Learn to enjoy your own company

I have never had a problem with enjoying my own company. Don’t get me wrong- I love talking to people and learning about their experiences etc, but am equally at ease spending weekends on my own. As I grow older, the likelihood of me feeling sorry for myself has diminished. Can’t say I am not enjoying this transition.

5. Trust each other 

This goes without saying of course.

And last but not least, think about the odds of you finding someone in your life who really makes you feel that each day is worth living. Not everyone has that. So treasure what you have and even if you are far from each other, you are never truly apart.



An old school friend recently came back from Inner Mongolia with breathtaking views of the autumn leaves.

I drew this last night.

Hope you like it as much as I do!Image